Seasonal & Part Seasonal Pitches

At Beacon Cottage Farm we offer a limited number of seasonal and part seasonal pitches.

The most popular option is the part season pitch where your caravan is set up on a pitch from Easter or April 1st until mid July. We then move it to a safe storage area on the farm for the six weeks of the school holidays. On September 1st we will move it back onto the pitch again until we close on September 30th. If you wish to come and stay during the school holidays you can book a pitch and pay the usual pitch fees for the extra nights. When the caravan is sited on the pitch you can come and go and stay in the caravan whenever you choose.
With a seasonal pitch your caravan is sited on a pitch from the beginning of the season (either April 1st or Easter depending on which is the earliest) until we close on September 30th. You are free to come and go to your caravan at any time.

Please phone for prices and details on 01872 552347.